Revised SWEDTA Constitution and By-Laws

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Republic of thePhilippines

Department of Education


Division of Quezon


Lutucan, Sariaya, Quezon



We, the teachers, elementary and secondary, the principals and District Supervisor of Sariaya West  District, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to establish a government of the teachers, by the teachers and for the teachers to promote the rights, welfare, duties, and aspirations and to maintain love, liberty, and harmony among ourselves, do hereby adopt and promulgate this Teacher’s Constitution and By-Laws.

Article  I

Name and Domicile

Section 1 – This shall be known as Sariaya West District Teachers Association (SWEDTA).

Section 2 – The principal office or house of the association domicile shall be in Lutucan Central            School, Lutucan, Sariaya, Quezon.

Article II


The objective of the association shall be as follows, to wit:

Section 1 – Foster a strong, units, more active fellowship and comradeship among members.

Section 2 – Uphold the dignity, rights, and ethics of the profession.

Section 3 – Participate cooperatively and affectivity as dignified mentors for the welfare of our       clientele and the maintenance of Sariaya West District for a strong, upright and fearless           teaching force.

Section  4 – Elevate and uplift the social, moral, and economic condition f each member.

Section  5 – Have equal and impartial dealings with all the members and superiors.

Section 6 – Assist in every lawful way possible in the establishment of a progressive, strong,             united and incorruptible teaching force.

Article III

Officers and Members of the Organization

Section 1 – District Supervisor and all elementary school administrators in the District of Sariaya West.

*Section 2 – Permanent teachers in the elementary within the district.

Section  3 – All personnel of the elementary Administrative Staff who are registered as members of the association.

Article IV

Officers of the Association

            The officers of the association shall consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, press relations officer and two auditors, and a muse whose powers and duties are herein defined and which the association may fix or amend in conformity with the provisions of this constitution.

Section 1 – President. The president of the association may either be male or female, single or married, widow or widower. He/She may be old or new in the service, young or old in age. The president may be nominated and elected regardless of school assignment.

The president shall have the following duties:

  1. Preside at all meeting of the association and of the association officers.
  2. Exercise full supervision over all the other officers of the association.
  3. Request for a special meeting of all school heads and the entire force of Sariaya West District, should the need arise.
  4. Sign, endorse and request notes intended for the association to be delivered to the Central orBarrioSchool.
  5. Request the District Supervisor or whoever is responsible, to publish the list of ranking of teachers, both regular and substitute.
  6. Work hand in hand with the District Supervisor for the sole investigation of any anomaly, in matters pertaining to teacher’s contributions, donations, aids and rations that will affect the prestige of the association.
  7. Appoint selected committees to perform different duties of teachers in any social and civic affairs, provided however, that the district supervisor raises no objection.
  8. Receive reasonable and justifiable complaint from any teacher-member in writing duly signed, subscribed and sworn to by the complainant with legible signatures affixed therein as well as the print of the right thumb mark. The complainant should take proper channels before the complaint comes to the knowledge of the district supervisor.
  9. Check, verify, and investigate irregular, anomalous, or questionable financial undertakings of the association, whether past or present, if any, if conditions, evidences, or circumstances so warrant.
  10. All powers vested in the President of this association which are not found herein, provided, or conferred shall be deemed under the discretion of the president, unless intervention of the exercise of these powers shall be made by a 2/3 vote of all the teacher-members of the West District. The power to exercise to exercise the discretion shall then be discontinued when the two-thirds vote of all the members are secured.
  11. Exercise discretionary powers provided however that no intervention is made by the a 2/3 vote of the members of the association.

Section 2 – Vice President. The vice president shall likewise be elected in the same manner as the president. He shall be vested with all the powers and authorities of, and be required to perform all the duties of the president during his/her absence or incapacity or for any cause perform other duties which may from time to time be assigned to him by the president.

Section 3 – Secretary. The secretary shall be elected in the same manner as the president. The secretary shall perform the following duties:

  1. Keep full minutes of all meetings of the officers and of the association.
  2. Keep transfer books, all documents, and important papers which serve as record of the association. He/She must be ready at all times for the teacher-members’ needs and satisfaction.
  3. Read the minutes of the previous meetings before proceeding to another meeting.
  4. Give or cause to be given, all notices required by law or by the By-laws of Sariaya West District Teachers Association as well as notices of all meetings, regular or special, of the association officers.
  5. Perform other duties as may be requested by the president.

Section 4 – The Treasurer. The treasurer shall be elected in the same manner as the president. He/She shall perform his/her duties according to his/her capabilities. He/She shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Have custody, and be the only one responsible for keeping and holding all the funds contributed by the officers or teacher-members of the association.
  2. Keep a complete and accurate record or receipts and disbursement or expenses, and see to it that all expenditures are evidenced and supported by receipts.
  3. No other personnel, whether association officers or school officials, could in any manner hold or keep, borrow or spend, and collect the money contributed personally by officers and teacher-members which is not really intended for the purpose as is written in the notices sent to the field, except the Treasurer of the association.
  4. Render a monthly statement showing the financial condition, income and expenses made for every contributions asked from teachers during the monthly District Teachers Meeting and such other financial reports as the association or the President may from time to time require.
  5. The treasurer shall not spend for any occasion agreed upon, which will be more than the amount contributed and collected from the teacher-members.
  6. The treasurer shall be held responsible and accountable for all funds submitted to him/her with receipts which will be lost or be spent without legal supporting papers.
  7. Books of financial records, papers and receipts shall always be in the custody of the Treasurer and shall be an open book to all members of the association.

Section 5 – P. R. O. The Press Relations Officers is also elected in the same manner as the president. His/Her duties are as follows:

  1. Carry and notify notices to members and officers concerned for all meetings called for by the president, or any officers of the association.
  2. Provide direct information either written or verbal for all meetings, dialogues, or get-together, as directed by the president through the association’s secretary.
  3. Perform the duties called for by the president and secretary for the dissemination of notices for the prompt attendance of all who are concerned with the meeting.
  4. Perform the duties of a Liaison Officer.

Section 6 – Auditor. The auditor is elected in the same manner as the president. His duties are as follows:

  1. Check, compute, verify and investigate, at least once a year, income and disbursement submitted to him by the treasurer.
  2. Perform other related duties as may be assigned to him by the president when the situation warrants.

Section 7 – Association Muse.  The association muse shall serve as the symbol of inspiration, happiness and hope of the association. She shall be elected in the same manner as the president.

Section 8 (Amendment to Article IV) Association Escort. The Association Escort shall assist all the officers in the performance of their duties. He shall be elected in the same manner as the president.


(Special Provisions) 

Section 1.  No regular meeting is set. It will only happen as the needs arise, and upon the call of the President and with the approval of the District Supervisor.

Section 2. The Association Officers shall meet at the call of the president and as often as the members thereof may agree.

Section 3. Special meeting of the association and school heads may be called by the president at his own initiative, or upon the request of the district supervisor or upon the request of the members of the association.

Section 4. In all the meetings of the association the rules of order shall be observed.

Section 5. Elections shall be held during the regular teachers meeting in the month of June of every other year. The tenure of office of elected officers shall begin the following day after the election. The tenure of office of all elected officers is two years.

Section 6. All association officers shall be elected to their position by a majority vote thru raising of hands of all the bonafide members of the West District.

Section 7. Any officers of the association may be nominated and elected to any position regardless of their age, civil status, position and length of service.

Section 8. Resignation of any elected officers of the association shall be done in writing and must be submitted to the president.

Section 9. Any active member may request the vice-president for a meeting if he has found an anomaly in the association in case the president is involved and to override the powers of the president.

Section 10. All the members of the association including the officers must give the amount of (P20.00) twenty pesos as their annual membership fee to be used as standing fund of the association.

Section 11. Visiting teachers from other districts or towns must be welcomed by the district teachers with simple social and cultural program. Expenses must be agreed upon by the members.

Section 12. Association officers’ expenses incurred such as papers, pencils, stencils, mimeographing, printing, media purposes and others must come from the association.


Section 1. District supervisor and school heads have no right to dictate, command postpones the holding of election of officers, instead they may served as advisers of the association during election.

Section 2. District supervisor, school heads and teacher-members of the association must give their financial share to teachers mutual retirement and calamity aids.

Section 3. a) Upon the death of any member, a contribution of one hundred pesos (P100.00) each from all members shall be required. It shall be given to designated beneficiary.

      b) A double compensation for a member who is still in the service but unfortunately                    meet his/her death at the age of 60-65 was agreed upon by all members, one                               hundred pesos (P100.00) for death aid and his/her retirement benefits will be  given.

Section 4. Upon the death of a natal father or mother, husband or wife, unmarried children or a registered unmarried beneficiary of a member, a contribution of twenty pesos (P20.00) each from every member shall be required.

Section 5. Any member whose parents or parent died before his/her being in the teaching service shall receive the amount contemplated in Section 4, hereof upon his/her retirement or death.                             

Section 6. In case of more members of the association are members of one family, should a parent die, each member concerned shall be legally entitled to an aid of twenty pesos (P20) from each and every member of the association.           

Section 7. All mutual aids pertaining to death shall be collected immediately after the demise of the relative concerned within seventy hours (72 hrs.) by school heads or in their absence by their duly authorized representative.

Section 8. After the collection has been made, the total and complete amount must automatically be submitted to association treasurer for proper and immediate delivery to the bereaved family, listing the names of all members who contributed. This should be made in two copies, one copy for the association treasurer and another copy duly signed by the treasurer, shall be returned to the school head concerned.

Section 9. (Amended) Retirement ages contemplated in this constitution shall be no less than twenty five years of service and due amount to be received shall be based on the following table of computation.




25 or more

P 4

P 100


P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4



P 4


Section 10. In the event that calamity befalls any member of the association, an emergency meeting may be called for by the president for the purpose of determining the kind and/or amount to be contributed by each member.

Section 11 There shall be an initial contribution or standing fund of one hundred pesos (P100) in June intended for mutual aid for deceased member. The money shall be deposited in the bank for safety measures.

Section 12. Get together program for the incoming District Supervisor and School Principal II is subject to the agreement of each and every member of the association.

Section 13. Expenses incurred for official visitors coming from the BPS, DO or other official personnel must be supported by receipts and must be submitted to the treasurer if contributions were asked from the members.

Section 14. All teachers contribution whether authorized, voluntary or mutually agreed upon for a certain purpose or purposes must be first submitted to the association treasurer for records purposes.

Section 15. Any contribution which is not found in this By-laws shall be referred to general deliberative body of the SWEDTA concerned for proper resolution, deliberation or approval.

Section 16. All substitute teachers are not required to give contribution for the mutual and retirement aids. In case of social contributions, all substitute teachers are obliged to contribute.

Section 17. Failure to give all financial obligations – death, retirement, and other aids within three months (3 mos.) after due notice had been sent by the SWEDTA treasurer to the member or his/her designated beneficiaries, all his/her rights and privileges provided for under the general provisions shall be forfeited.

Section 18. Any member who shall transfer to other districts or resigns from service shall be entitled to a four pesos (P 4) contribution per year of service from each member of the association.  (See table which applies to retirees).

Section 19. All schools shall elect a representative together with the school head who shall constitute the representative assembly which has the power and authority to discuss, act and decide on pertinent matters involving SWEDTA with prior consultation with the general assembly, provided further that the bigger school with more than 15 members shall elect two representatives.

* As everyone agreed upon, some revisions of this by-laws are written in bold letters. This will effect immediately from the date of its revision. (Thank you mam Florenda Arceo for the effort of making copy of it).


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