Interactive Science Websites

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Teachers Tools..

Interactive science websites are effective tools in enhancing learning. Its audio and visual components make it appealing to students. And as an interactive tool, it boosts students’ interest and involvement making it a good supplement to traditional classroom lectures.

As a teacher, you can encourage your students to visit interactive science websites for better understanding of the lessons. This will also enhance their skills in ICT.

The following are the advantages of using interactive science websites as support to traditional lectures:

  • Interactive science websites allow self-paced learning.
  • They are appealing and ‘cool’ to the students.
  • They improve student’s retention.
  • Computer simulations typically lead to intense involvement with subject matter.

Below are some online interactive science resources you may visit and refer to your students:

  • Merlin’s Academy – online self-study science courses on the principles of chemistry and astronomy
  • Modphysics – has thorough explanations on dozens of physical principles
  • The Particle Adventure – offers a virtual tour of the inner workings of an atom. This interactive website also introduces the theories of fundamental particles and forces
  • Mad Scientist Network – this website is where you can ask any science question and scientists will provide you the answers
  • Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab – has experiments and puzzles for the class
  • Strange Science – can be an interesting resource for students if they want to find out some mistakes made by earlier scientists and artists
  • Virtual Frog Dissection Kit – allows interactive dissection of a frog
  • Chaos Theory – has all information on the Chaos Theory
  • Earthquake Information – has lists and interactive maps of latest earthquakes around the world
  • New Scientist – has thought-provoking reading from the weekly science and technology magazines
  • Online Tutorials in Virology – interactive multimedia tutorials on antibiotics, the discovery and eradication of smallpox, among others
  • Explore Learning – an award-winning site offering a fun and interactive experience of sights and sounds while creating real-time correlations between scientific theories and applications
  • Math and Science for you – an award-winning collection for teaching physics, physical science, and applied math to high school students. This offers self-study programs with interactive proble
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