Are You Ready For Some Reflection?

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Features...

To all aspiring school heads:

Self reflection time. I invite you to ask yourself these 5 questions. The answers you come up with (and the confidence you feel) will tell you much about your readiness to enter that Head of School search. If you don’t feel like you nailed these, stop, regroup and reflect.


1. Why do you want to lead a school?

2. What 2 or 3 professional experiences have you had that give you confidence in your ability to lead a complex organization?

3. What are your “go to” strengths as a leader?

4. What are your weaknesses?

5. Do your colleagues think of you as a leader? How would they characterize you as a leader?

Okay, I know that that was 6 questions, but the truth is that these queries are just the beginning. There are many, many more questions that you should be thinking about and challenging yourself with. In the meantime, chew on these for a while today. And toss me a banana, please. ^_^

~ From Chris


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