DepEd upgrades science teaching with new equipment

Posted: September 30, 2011 in News...

September 23, 2011

The Department of Education has released some P330 million in producing science equipment which was delivered to 435 public secondary high schools nationwide to improve the students’ learning and appreciation of science concepts and its applications.

 Following this, DepEd through its National Science Teaching and Instrumentation Center (NSTIC) will hold a national consultative conference on the use of science equipment in Cebu City to prepare teachers on the proper handling and maintenance of these equipment.

Education Secretary Armin A. Luistro said the NSTIC together with Regional Science Supervisors and BSE representatives will review and finalize the experiment and repair and maintenance manuals which will be used for the subsequent regional training workshops which is set to start in October to cover the country’s 17 regions. NSTIC and the NSTIC- trained regional trainors will train one science teacher per science subject area (Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) in each recipient school.

“The training is very important for the science teachers to master the use and application of the new science equipment as well as the maintenance procedures to ensure long-term use of these equipment,” Luistro added.

 A stronger science and technology curriculum in basic education is in the ten-point education agenda of President Aquino aimed at producing graduates who are geared towards a science and technology-driven economy.

Related to this, DepEd has added 100 new special science elementary schools this year, bringing to 200 the total number of elementary schools offering a specialized curriculum focused on the sciences. 

“The marching order is for us to continue to find ways to develop a new generation of science and technology-savvy graduates who will bring us to new levels of economic progress,” explained Luistro.

 The list of equipment, instruments and science learning tools include:

For Integrated Science : Aneroid Barometer, Assorted Glassware, Triple Beam Balance, Terrestrial Globe, Seismograph Model, Anemometer with Wind Vane, Magnetic Compass, Connecting Wires, Magnets, Alcohol Burner, Ring and Ball Apparatus, Various Conductor and non-conductor materials, Sun-Earth-Moon Model, Constellarium, Hydrometer, Rock Samples, Astronomical  Telescope and Alcohol Thermometer, Maps, Map of World Climates, Map of Philippine Climates, Map of Philippine Volcanoes, Map of Starts, Posters, Layers of the Earth, The Richter Magnitude Scale and various consumables.

 For Biology: Compound Microscope, Dissecting Set, Human Torso Model, Human Skeleton Model, Animal Mitosis Model, Assorted Glassware, Alcohol Thermometer, Triple Beam Balance, Cork Borers, Glass Slides, Assorted Chemicals and Consumables, Alcohol Burner and Safety Glasses and Home Gloves, Charts, Plant Cell, Animal Cell, Development of an Embryo, Mendel’s Law, Gene Map of Human Chromosomes, Food Pyramid, and Flower and Seed Structure.

For Chemistry :  Alcohol Thermometer, Assorted Glassware, Electrolysis Apparatus, Cork Borers,  Reagent Bottles, Triple Beam Balance, Alcohol Burner, Calorimeter, Burette, Pipette, Bunsen Burner, LGP Tank with gas, Osmosis Apparatus, Conductivity Apparatus, Condenser, pH Meter, Safety Glasses and Hand Gloves, Assorted Chemicals and Consumables, Charts and Cabinets for Corrosive Materials, Periodic Table of Elements, Laboratory Safety Rules, Basic Laboratory Apparatus.

For Physics : Archimedes Principle Apparatus, Open U-tube Manometer, Air Blower, Light Bulb and Dry Cell, Set of Connectors, Resistance Box, Introduction to Ratio-activity Kit, Switches, DC Ammeter, DC Voltmeter, Galvanometer, Set of Coils, Motor-Generator Model, Set of Hard Tools, Advanced Electromagnetism  Kit, Graphing Calculator, Basic Electronics Kits, Fuse with Holder, Variable Power Supply, Turning Fork Set, Resonance Tube Set, Sound Signal Generator Kit, Loud Speaker, Wave Demonstration Set, DC String Vibrator, Musical Instrument, Basic Lens Set, Prism, Refraction Blocks, Refraction Tank, Student Optical Bench Set, Multimeter, Logic Gates Trainer and Assorted Glassware and Consumables Chart, Electromagnetic Spectrum and Radioactive Elements.


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