Suggested Formats in Lesson Planning for Grades I-VI In accordance to 2C2IA Instructional Framework

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Teachers Tools..

I. Objectives ( Indicate PELC number)

Indicate Value(s) and Integration(s)

II. Subject matter and title reference(s),p./


III. Materials

IV. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities

For Grade I:

1. Sounds – with the use of CD

2. Phonovisual Lesson- Lesson Phonovisual  Guide, p./pp.

For Grade II:

1. Sounds- with the use of CD

2. Fuller Lesson – Fuller Lesson Guide, p. /pp.

For Grade III- VI Use Horn Method

1. Spelling: ( 5 words for Grade III and 10 words for Grade IV- VI)

Day 1- Pre- Test ( Write the spelling words in the Lesson Plan on day 1 only)

Day 2- Teach

Day 3- Follow-up Test

Day 4- Supervised Study

Day 5- Mastery Test

*The teacher should have a spelling notebook.

2. Phonics: lesson on Minimal pairs

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

For Grades I- VI

3. Checking of assignment/ review/ drill

B. Discovering the Magic of Reading/ Constructing Meaning ( DMR/CM)

Day 1

1. Prereading

1.1 Motivation

1.2 Unlocking of difficulties- through context, pictures, gestures, etc.

1.3 Giving of motive question

2. Active Reading/ While Reading

2.1 First Reading / Storytelling- by the teacher

2.2 Second Reading / Storytelling- interacting with the text

3. Postreading

3.1 Answering the motive question

Day 2- DMR/ CM

1. Rereading /retelling the story- by the teacher

2. Rereading/retelling and shared reading-by the pupils

3. Discussion of the story using the Five Dimensional Questions

Day 3- DMR/CM

1. Rereading /retelling the story- by the teacher

2. Rereading/retelling and shared reading-by the pupils

3. Engagement Activity( Indicate the activity)

C. Developing English Language Competencies (DELC)

1. Motivation

2. Lesson Proper: Utilize Inductive Method or Deductive Method

2.1 Presentation/ Lead- in

2.2 Elicitation/ Comparison and Abstraction

2.3 Oral Practice

– Controlled

– Semi- controlled

– Independent Practice- Communicative Language Teaching(CLT)

2.4 Generalization

2.5 Application

2.6 Evaluation

C. Deciphering and Decoding Strategies and Skills(DDSS)

* Use steps in Reading, Listening and Writing.Always include writing activity in every DELC and DDSS lessons


The daily lessons should include:







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  2. Please post a sample lesson in fil and english V and VI using 2c2ia.

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    Kindly post some sample lesson plan in English and filipino using 2C2IA

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