On Self-Confidence….

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Features...

~ Angelito G. Belmonte

Last few weeks are memorable for me. I questioned the work I was doing, both on the web site and on my teaching. I can’t avoid thinking if all my time and effort was worthwhile. Is my work good enough for others who want to read my blog? These are only a few of the questions that ran through my mind. With every question, my self-confidence was sliding downward! As my doubts swirled in my mind, I could feel my attitude changing. I was thinking is it really worth the effort?

Realizing that these negative thoughts were affecting my attitude and my self-confidence, I went to the website to read quotes on self-confidence only to find I need it most the way I did. I then did a search on the internet and found that I had wonderful quotes on self-confidence. I also went through my files and found more great quotes and stories. So I ended up establishing a category on self-confidence.

As I worked on the web page, my self-confidence was being restored. I could feel my outlook changing, almost like I gave myself an attitude adjustment. Many times in my life I have found quotes have actually changed my outlook, and, without fail, it was happening again. The quotes I was reading reassured me, and provided me with the motivation to realize that what I was doing was in fact what I loved to do. Like everything else in life, it takes time; success does not happen overnight. My mindset was changing to one of a positive attitude.

As I was reading a very good story, I realized that I must have self-confidence and trust in my ability. What I was lacking was the persistence and determination to follow it through!

I know I’m still long way to what other called success. But for me success can be found everyday of dealing with life’s twists and turns. What matter most is determination, and most importantly, believing in yourself!


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