“Great power comes great responsibilities”

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Features...

~ Angelito G. Belmonte

Few years ago, movie enthusiasts were captured by the blockbuster movie, Spiderman. Lots of people consider it as amazing. Notable line from the movie leaves us a great lesson and had been quoted many times by different people especially in the cyber world.

We heard it all right – “great power comes great responsibilities.”

Considering our present situation in the academe, the phrase is somewhat applicable. Being promoted to administrative position means getting more power and of course follows greater responsibilities. While people enjoy the amenities of being promoted, there are always tendencies of changing attitude towards taking advantage as privilege of their position. Power had been abused, responsibilities neglected, personal motives served.

Problems arise when people are put into roles where they have considerable position power but feel out of their depth and under-confident. What starts to happen is that they feel a need to cover their discomfort and they begin to do this by abusing the power they hold.

Over my years of working with the department, I have heard and seen so many examples of poor or inappropriate behavior from various levels of management and leadership. This is despite the amount of training that many of these people have participated in! I wonder how many times you have been on the receiving end of such behavior.

More to the point, how many of you have been guilty of using them? Sometimes, these abuses of power are obvious.

Moral EVIL begins to exist because someone refuses to accept responsibility for the welfare of others, especially those naturally under his or her direct care. A good person before now becomes a “hemlock on the furrows of the field.”

Not unless great misery comes along the way, those people may continue to dwindle in such negativity. Oftentimes, it becomes too late to realize that they are already in bondage of their follies. The end result therefore is no other than repentance. On how to do it and how repentance will be started depends upon the acceptance of the person, therefore it takes a complicated process.

Let’s face it; all are subject to commit error because of the carnal state of human behavior. No matter how worthy you are to be a part of this noble profession you’re only human. “The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak,” these words from the pages of the Holy Writ seems perfectly manifested. At the very least, there is always a need for recuperation – time for self-analysis.

In our desire to be promoted and have prestigious life, let us not forget from where we started. The thought of being humble is always a good alternative for being arrogant.

“Great power comes great responsibilities” will remain true now and forever.


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