“Peeping Eyes”

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Teachers' Plights...

by: “Mam Guru”

With due respect to our school heads, hoping also that this will not be taken negatively but constructively,  I decided to name this comment “peeping eyes” because some of them are not aware that there are eyes who secretly look and speak quietly of what they say and do.  Not only the teachers are being observed but the school heads too.

Becoming a school head isn’t easy.  They should act as the role model of their subordinates, the teachers.  Just like the pupils, the teachers are keen observant of what the “bosses” do, act, and utter. There are those who always tell the teachers to wear their uniforms but they don’t abide by what they say.  They are like a monk who do not understand what they preach.  How can you expect teachers to conform to what they implement  if they, themselves, do not adhere to it.

Another positive comment that this “guru” would like to express is the way that they should dress. They should know when to display their excessive jewelries( burluloys, as others say).  Wear proper attire to different occasion.  When going to parties, then wear the party dress with the large, conspicuous and dangling earings. Know the kind of dress that would best  suit us.  I believe that in order for us to gain the respect of our colleagues and subordinates, it is just proper for us, educators,  to lead, act, talk, and much more…TO DRESS… in a very reputable manner.

  1. admin says:

    Mam Guru,
    I appreciate your effort of posting your views. Be thankful that you know what is proper or not. When you become a school head, you probably one of the best…! They are just human like us who are liable to commit errors and sometimes forgot what is proper or not! You got a point of raising it here. At least somehow it serves as reminder to all concern.

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