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Posted: August 21, 2010 in Opinion..., Teachers' Plights...

by: “Mam Photogenic”

Uniforms had been distributed and payments had been made, but what the real score behind it? Why is the price different from different  districts while it came from the same dealer?

How much commission, if there is, did the authorized person receive?

Is it proper to get profit  even if you didn’t sacrifice for it?

My grandparents told me that this practice is a form of cheating and I should not be involved in it.

  1. Zeus says:

    Sir (Admin of this site), maaari po bang i post din ninyo sa site na ito ang DepEd Order/Memo kung saan nakasaad na WALAng ini assign ang DepEd na official dealer ng mga uniforms ng teachers. And as far as I remember, meron pa pong mga contact numbers na nakalagay sa Order kung saan maaari natin silang tawagan sakaling tayo ay piliting kumuha ng tela ng uniform sa iisang dealer lamang. Hindi po natin pwedeng itanggi na tayong lahat ay mayroong clothing allowance na siyang ibibili natin ng uniforms, subalit kung makakabili naman tayo sa halagang mura lamang ay bakit hindi naman nila tayo payagan? Wag naman sana silang magbulag-bulagan at magbingi-bingihan sa pakiusap ng mga guro na kung maaari ay payagan silang sa iba na lamang bumili kung saan sila ay makakamura at makakatipid. Tama po sila na tayo ay may mga clothing allowance, pero sila man ay meron din. Unawain naman ninyo ang mga teachers. Ilang panahon na rin naman namin kayong pinagbibigyan. Alam namin ang totoong dahilan kung bakit. Katulad ng iba sa inyo, gusto rin naming mag-arimuhanan at maghanap ng paraan kung paano kami makakatipid. Meron kaming mga anak na pinapapag-aral at pinababaunan araw-araw. Sana naman ay maunawaan ninyo ang karaingang ito ng mga guro. Ipaglaban naman ninyo ang aming kapakanan. Sana sa pagtaas ng inyong pwesto ay nasa ibaba pa rin ang inyong pananaw. Sana nararamdaman pa rin ninyo ang nararamdaman namin. Minsan din naman siguro kayong naging guro. Marinig sana kami at maunawaan, at higit sa lahat, ipaglaban sana ninyo ang aming kapakanan. Sana…sana…sana…

    • admin says:

      First of all, I would like to thank you for sparing your time in giving comment. As far I know, the “Department has not endorsed anybody or any company regarding the procurement of DepEd employee uniform”(DepEd Order No. 27, s. 2009, pls. browse the DepEd Orders & Memos section under “Teachers Tools”). I’m sure the persons concerned very well know this order but the question is on paying attention and obeying. Is it because of the “commission” or other incentives from the supplier, we really don’t know!
      I would advise to follow your instinct, if you don’t feel to order from the prescribed dealer, then look for alternatives. If they will charge you of not buying from the their endorsement, then that would be another case.
      Wearing the prescribed DepEd uniform is a must for teachers like us, but taking away our rights to choose from alternatives is merely a doctrine of capitalism and should not be impose for it creates chaos and disorders in the academe.

  2. "guru" says:

    It’s nice to hear that our teachers are now beginning to voice their minds out. Sa totoo lang po, so many teachers keep on asking why most of our school heads require us to buy our uniforms from that dealer alone? We know for a fact that the uniforms being sold there cost higher compared to other stores. Why???
    Another set of uniform is now ready for distribution…and how much does it cost? Do we have the choice? I wish we could have.
    Yes, it’s true that we have the uniform allowance and so as the school administrators. It is just proper for each and everyone, regardless of the position we are handling, to purchase it in a very equitable and affordable manner. Maestro at maestra lamang po kami na naghahanap ng paraan kung paano mapagdudugtong ang kakapiranggot ng sweldo.We just hope to be heard at least without the prejudice.

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