On being high performing school…

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Views...

by: Angelito Gariguez Belmonte

Motivated by my desire to provide at least a bit of information on how the school can be successful, I conducted a research, as my masteral thesis, on culture and climate of high performing schools in the division of Quezon . While I am doing my research I have found out some of these factors that contribute to high performance.

  • The principal demonstrates high competency in multiple areas: pedagogical expertise, interpersonal relations, communication skills, public relations, supervision, strategic planning/evaluation, school/classroom management.
  • Teachers are trained and highly skilled in delivering differentiated instruction, active learning, and other research-based efficacious teaching strategies.
  • The faculty is structured into teams.
  • Special education and remedial programs, providing pupils with intense instruction in the specific skills needed to succeed in the regular classroom.
  • A research-based literacy program with a strong “response to intervention” component in all grades, and a goal that all pupils demonstrate competence in literacy skills by the end of each grade.

High performance can only be achieved when districts establish specific goal from the very beginning, and fight for it over the course of the development process. Giving attention on pupils and teacher performance will help ensure that the effort is successful and that any school — no matter what its budget — achieves the highest performance level possible for its particular circumstances.♠


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